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About the Twin County Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Twin County Hall of Fame. We are a group of Edgecombe and Nash counties residents committed to preserving and celebrating our diverse history of Edgecombe and Nash counties. Join us nominating a member of our community.


Twin County Museum & Hall of Fame Goals:
1.    To preserve and celebrate the diverse history of Edgecombe and Nash Counties.
2.    To honor citizens who have made broad and lasting contributions to the betterment of the community or who have brought recognition to the community through their accomplishments.
By recognizing these individuals, the Twin County Museum & Hall of Fame will:
1.    Stimulate an interest in and an appreciation for the history of this community and its citizens.
2.    Inspire area young people to greater achievement.
3.    Improve the area’s economy by increasing tourism, thereby creating new jobs.


Lanny Shuff – President

Johnny Bass
Amanda Bell
Milton Bullock
Mary Bulluck
Dennis Culpepper
Peggy Daughtridge
Ann Edge
Deana Guido
Jane S. Finch
Monika Fleming
Kenneth Hunter
Dave Iery
John Jesso
Ruth Jones
Chris Miller
Mae Parker
Mary Perry
Steve W. Raper
Sandra Smith
Mary Spires
Mary Wells
Anthony (Tony) Williams